Multipocket coil spring Mattress PEGASO

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Pegaso – a modern Multi pocket spring system mattress made using the highest quality innovative materials. In that system of springs per square meter is much more springs than an ordinary pocket system. One side of the mattress 4 cm coated profiled viscoelastic material (memory foam) layer. Very effectively to the body, relax the spine and muscles, easy to massaging, the whole sleep. When the body needs more intense massage, it is recommended to use the other side of the mattress, which covers  profiled, highly elastic polyurethane foam HR layer. Giving  the perfect support for the body during sleep. Light massage improves blood circulation and metabolism. Mattress can be used on both sides, you can choose a softer or more physical, massaging the surface. The mattress is more durable becouse of much larger number of springs.

The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric on both sides tacked to an anti-allergic puffy material 200 g/m2. The cover has a zip, which makes it easily removable. If it is necessary, can be washed up to 40o C.

Mattress height with a cover of 23 cm


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