Multipocket coil spring Mattress REGATA

Many dimensions



Regata is a mattress based on the Multipocket spring system, made using the highest quality materials. This is an economical option of the system of  small springs attractive for its quality and price ratio. In such system of springs, one square meter has almost twice as many springs than in the  simple Pocket system. Such springs are higher, so a mattress covered with various materials provides more comfort to the sleeping person. This is a two-sided mattress that is covered with 3 cm of polyurethane foam with different compositions and densities on both sides.

This combination of mattress systems and components allows the mattress to remain air permeable and sturdy. One side of the mattress is softer, the other is harder. Due to a considerably higher number of springs, the mattress is even more durable. This is a mattress for people, who love a harder bed of sleep.
The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric tacked to an anti-allergic puffy material 200 g/m2. The cover has a zip, which makes it easily removable. If it is necessary, can be washed up to 40o C.

Height of the mattress about 22cm


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