Multipocket spring mattress ROJUS

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Rojus is an elastic, perfectly adaptive Multipocket spring mattress with viscoelastic materials of the latest generation with unmodified soybean oil extract used in the production process. A square metre of such the spring system includes much more springs than a simple Pocket system. It is a double-sided mattress, which is covered from one side by a layer of a unique, patented viscoelastic material “VISCOOOL” characterising for its feature of thermoregulation.  Meanwhile, the other side of the mattress is covered by a layer of a viscoelastic material “VISCOSOYA”. Natural and environmentally friendly products are used for the production of the polyurethane foams “VISCOOOL” and “VISCOSOYA”. Genetically unmodified soybean oil extract used in their production provides naturalness, elasticity and durability to the materials. The viscoelastic material distinguishes for its pressure-lowering effect.  It softens and supply adapts to the anatomy in response to the heat of the human body and allows it remaining in correct position. The combination of materials used in the mattress production allows it remaining resilient and maintaining a stable air circulation for a long time.  This mattress is unique for its exceptional ‘VISCOOOL’ plyurethane structure that maintains the temperature of human body and perfectly adapts to it: cools the body in the summer time and warms it in the winter time.  The mattress may be used on both sides, but it requires a bed with a strong air permeable base or a lattice without position setting.  Sleeping on the mattress, you will not chill in winter and heat up in summer. Certified, air-permeable and friendly to humans and the environment materials are used for production of the mattresses.  The mattress is suitable for the people, who prefer sleeping on a medium rigidity base.

The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric tacked to an anti-allergic puffy material 200 g/m2. The cover has a zip, which makes it easily removable. If it is necessary, can be washed up to 40o C.

Height of the mattress about 24cm.


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