Pocket coil spring Mattress NICA

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Nica – two-way spring mattress with a choice harder or medium-hard base to sleep. Mattress coir fiber reinforced thin sheets, which makes the mattress more rigid and stronger, but not too tough. The mattress core consists of 5 zones of handheld  (Pocket) springs, one of whose upper side is coated coconut fiber board. These materials are a very important feature is the unique air permeability and stiffness, as well as coconut fiber has antibacterial properties, so for a long time remain strong and elastic. On the other side of the upper part of the mattress softened high resiliency polyurethane foam sheet. Mattress can be used on both sides. Mattress has excellent ventilation, and to rest on the mattress with coconut filling absent too hot.

The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric on both sides tacked to an anti-allergic puffy material 200 g/m2. The cover has a zip, which makes it easily removable. If it is necessary, can be washed up to 40o C.

Mattress height with a cover of 22 cm.


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