ongoing projects

Other projects:

UAB AKADAS participated in the support program for small and medium business entities of Zarasai district municipality. Funding is provided from the budget of Zarasai district municipality. After writing the project “Production Development for UAB Akadas”, financing was received in the amount of EUR 5000.00 and the company contributed EUR 10,195.18 to its own funds.

Due to extensive experience in furniture manufacturing, the company has a wide and proven range of products, which allows it to have many customers with a variety of orders. This requires increasing production capacity. In order to improve and increase production volumes, the company is constantly improving technologies and investing in the purchase of more modern equipment.

The aim of the project is to provide favorable working conditions for three qualified employees at the newly acquired equipment (industrial button and sewing machine in the sewing workshop – two employees, milling machines in the wood production workshop will be installed instead of old self-milling machines – one employee), which will increase production capacity, improve product quality and timely fulfillment of customer orders.