Useful Information


Proper use. This outdoor furniture is only intended for use in private residential areas. It is not intended for use as a ladder, support or play equipment for children.

Benches, chair or lounger may only be used for sitting or lying on.
Table is not intended to be used as a sun shade support. This item may only be used to hold ordinary household amounts of crockery, food and drink.

Cushion box may only be used to store cushions, garden furniture coverings. Do not leave the lid open! Children and animals may trap body parts in the lid, when it closes or may become trapped inside.

Safety. Do not pick up or move the item with wheels when someone is on it!
Never light an open fire near wooden garden furniture! It may catch fire or be damaged by embers.Do not allow children to play with the packaging, fittings or other parts of the product! They could suffocate in the packaging film or injure themselves on the outer packaging. Risk of damage!

Assembly. Assemble the item very carefully and follow the assembly instructions. The item should be assembled by competent persons only.Start by screwing in the screws on all connections 80 %. Only tighten the screws 100 % once all of them are in place. Wood is a natural product. It reacts to temperature and weather by expanding and contracting. We recommend that you regularly check all screwed joints to make sure that they are secure.

Care and storage. The furniture is treated with a water-based, environmentally friendly glaze, which makes the wood structure visible, highlights the texture and at the same time provides good protection against the weather. Wood is a natural product, so the texture of the wood may include small knots and color variations in the finished product. The furniture needs to be washed regularly with a mild cleaner to prevent dirt from forming a substrate for mould.When the effect of the water-repellent diminishes, the furniture should be treated with a colorless glaze for outdoor use (water- or oil-based). Wash first with an alkaline cleaning agent, let it dry and apply another coat (pay attention to table tops and armrests, as these are the parts most exposed to the rain and sun). We recommend that you do this at least once a year. After one or several seasons, if the color of the furniture starts to fade, it may be necessary to repaint the furniture. Then, after you have cleaned and dried the furniture, it should be lightly sanded with a fine sandpaper and treated with a pigment glaze (according to the instructions of the glaze you use).

White glazed garden furniture – there may appear some yellow/brown marks in knots, when the furniture is exposed to the sun. It is a natural process of pine wood. These should disappear eventually. To keep your furniture white, always use an opaque glaze, because a colorless varnish can give a yellow tone to the furniture after it is exposed to the sun.

General care of resin. When the furniture is exposed to high temperatures (over 35 ̊ C), the resin may ooze out, especially around knots. Fresh resin can be removed with a little pure alcohol/ethanol or ethyl alcohol rubbing lightly with a cloth. Dried/crystallized resin should be scraped off carefully without damaging the paint.

Storage. Store the garden furniture in a cool, frost-free, dry, weatherproof room for the winter season. Be certain to avoid: heated spaces such as boiler rooms (this could cause cracks in the wood) and airtight coverings (this could lead to stains or mould caused by condensation).

The following is not covered under the warranty:
– Material natural reactions to the changes of the weather conditions (temperature, humidity…): shrinkage/swelling, cracks, splits, resin release, yellow knots, changes in color and others. Due to nature of the material these processes cannot be avoided, but to reduce or eliminate changes follow the maintenance and proper use instructions included with this product.
– The damages due to any misuse, assembly, wrong storage and / or inadequate maintenance.